We offer Different Ways of Problem Solving

As developers and solution providers, we provide over 3 decades of software architecture experience. We have seen everything from Multilevel Marketing to Strategic Defence contracts. Our experience and depth gives us the ability to create the BEST solution for you and your company.

Best & Featured Services

Strategy and Marketing

The most important factor in your success is how to present your company to the world

Development Strategy

Next, create a strategy and rollout schedule for your project

Financial Saving Programs

Lastly research and find the most cost-effective way to manage your application.

4 steps to success

  • 1
    Find your niche

    This is perhaps the hardest step. We try and help you think out of the box

  • 2
    Pick your target

    Within every market is a sub-market that you need to target

  • 3
    Plan your marketing Strategy

    Using data gathered in steps 1 and 2, we make a plan

  • 4
    Get it done

    Time for the rubber to hit the road. We've gathered facts, now lets get it done!


PowerConnect was able to complete my project on time and within the budget they quoted me...